Building Materials

Bigboss supplies a wide range of heavy building materials to the construction industry. We got the chance to follow the development of the UAE & the neighboring Gulf countries, allowing us to know very well the needs of the construction sector in the Gulf. We are a professional trading company, grouping under one roof, a wide range of construction materials, we represent worldwide known manufacturers and cover the Middle-East region.

The high quality of our materials and the speed of our deliveries have earned us the highest recognition and recommendation of our satisfied Clientele. Our professional and skilled team dedicated to the highest degrees of Customer service and satisfaction.

Bigboss aims to continuously embrace and incorporate advanced technologies and newer innovations into our offerings so as to provide substantial tangible value for our customers. Our vision is to develop our expertise and capabilities to emerge as thought leaders and innovation drivers in the construction Industry.

Our major products are:

Structural Products

We supply all kinds and sizes of Crushed and Natural Aggregates, Rocks, Boulders, Crushed Gabbros and Limestone Aggregate and other construction materials. We are suppliers of building materials, aggregates, sands, crushed sand, crushed limestone & rocks at competitive prices to its customers.

  • Crushed Aggregate
  • Natural Aggregate
  • Crushed Rock
  • Natural Rock
  • Crushed Sand
  • Natural Material Sub Base / Road Base
  • Natural Sand (Black Sand)
  • Washed Natural Sand
  • Natural Material / Road Base
  • Back Fill General
  • Quarry Run (1-500 KG Rock)
  • Red Sand (Dune Sand)
  • Under Layer (500-1000 KG Rock)
  • Washed White Sand
  • White Sand
  • Blocks
  • Cement

Ready mix Products

We can produce low strength to very high strength concrete ( 5N to 100N ). We can supply ready-mix concrete to fit our clients specific needs by changing the proportion of water, aggregates, and cement in the mix. From our high-performance to our fluid-fill concrete, we produce a great variety of specially designed concrete to meet the many challenges of modern construction. Some of them are:-

  • Normal weight concrete for piling ,substructure, superstructure
  • Waterproof concrete
  • Fiber reinforced concrete
  • Concrete with Micro silica
  • Concrete with Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag cement
  • Grout
  • Granolithic concrete
  • High strength concrete
  • Pre-cast Concrete
  • Mortar
  • Lean Concrete
  • Shotcrete
  • Dewatered Concrete
  • Air entrained concrete

Interior Products

Bigboss is a leading building and decorative material supplier in the region. Bigboss specializes in all kinds of Plywood, Timber, MDF, Ceiling & Partitions, Flooring and much more. We have streamlined our operations and infrastructure to serve the booming construction industry.

  • Plywood
  • Timber
  • Hardboard
  • MDF
  • Block-Board
  • Gypsum Board
  • Ceiling Tiles & System
  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Laminates
  • Acrylic Sheets
  • Drainage Membranes
  • Concrete and Natural Stone Paving
  • Decorative gravel, Pebbles and Cobbles
  • Decorative Walling Blocks

Construction Machinery

In order to meet our clients construction needs faster, we supply all types of Building Machines & Equipment.

  • Asphalt/Floor Cutting Machines
  • Bar Cutting and Bending Machines
  • Beam Screeders
  • Block and Tile Cutting Machines
  • Compaction Units
  • Concrete Finishing Equipments
  • Concrete Mixers
  • Concrete Skips and Fork Pallets
  • Concrete Vibrators & Pokers
  • Cube Mould
  • Cutting Blades
  • Demolition Jack Hammers/Breakers
  • Electric Hoist
  • Generators
  • High Frequency Convertor And Pokers
  • Interlock Cutter
  • Scrabbles
  • Surveying Equipment
  • Tower Lights

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